The service is no longer available for use, please read blog post.

Reimagine Shopping

Shopping emails overwhelming your inbox? Let Shopilly move them over and organize for you in a visual interface.

Start App for Shopping

Before you shop, check Shopilly app for the latest sales and styles emailed by your stores.

A shopping DVR

Your favorite stores' emailed offers and promotions are saved for you.

It's your shopping life

Stay on top, with the help of your Shopilly dashboard.

A few more perks

Purchase tracking
Save your receipts, know when your order ships.
What's popular
Discover which stores and sales are trending.
Weekly digests
What you need to know for your weekend shopping.

Said about Shopilly

Shopilly is the most-promising and spiffiest of the bunch. Its killer feature is that, with your permission, it imports spam and commercial messages from your inbox. You can set the filter to keep out the riffraff so that only trusted Shopilly-affiliated brands show up, or that all email from merchants and newsletters goes in. It can even delete the original messages from your inbox.

Leah Scherotter,
San Francisco
I think this is an incredible idea.  I am so sick of maneuvering through my gmail account to find important personal emails amongst the countless shopping lists I belong to.
Sign up for the site, and you'll have access to an online dashboard populated with the latest offers from a slew of retailers across categories such as women's apparel, travel, home and children. You can follow and like a select group of brands or sites and strictly keep up with those, or browse all of the retailers Shopilly tracks in order to discover new sales.
"This site is awesome!. Shopping is about to get a makeover with Shopilly"
Pooja Batra,
Los Angeles
"Shopilly takes the most effective (and annoying) form of marketing — email — and makes it awesome. "
Shopilly … allow(s) users to create a dedicated email address for use when shopping and browsing online. All email communications sent to that address will show up in an attractively displayed Pinterest-like visual stream...With a mobile app on the horizon, Shopilly aims to give avid online shoppers access to the deals, sales, and promotions they want to receive at a time they'll be the most valuable.
"I was happily surprised by the sheer volume and selection of retailers - there's everything!  I'm crushed by the volume of sale emails from private shopping sites I'm already subscribed to.  It's killing me!  Now that I've got everything in one place, I can unsubscribe from all those other sites and get my inbox under control!"
Laurel May,
San Jose